Dancing Kayak - FreeBSD - Configuring X

Here's how to configure X on FreeBSD (based on 4.9) on a machine

Important Thing to Remember during X Testing

Control-Alt-Backspace shuts down X immediately without confirmation.

Prepare Information

Collect the specs on your monitor and video card, including:

to ensure you can configure X properly.


Run XFree86 -configure as root. This generates the file /root/XF86Config.new.

Edit the file by editing the entries monitor0 and Screen, adding options as follows:




cp /root/XF86Config.new /etc/X11/XF86Config

Put the new file under source code control.

Resume being a normal user (non-root).

Add script files that copy stuff into ~/.xinitrc and run startx.

For gnome, .xinitrc should look like /usr/X11R6/bin/gnome-session

For KDE, .xinitrc should look like exec startkde

Extra Configuration

Set the environment variable TERM to xterm-color

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