Childrens Music

I look for music enjoyable by adults, especially for music to be replayed endlessly. Staying away from the Barney stuff (I haven't even heard it) or other stuff that would be irritating when repeated endlessly. I don't have time to put links onto the CD names so you'll have to look them up on your favorite shopping sites on your own.


I like all of these. They are all pretty different, even though they are all lullabies.


We have the following CDs from Kindermusik:

These contain active music, probably for toddlers and older. Consistently good musicians. Some arrangements and songs are pretty boring, but in general the music is good.

You can order the above three from their web site

Music For Little People

A nice publisher of good children's music, including:

Other Active Music

This includes


Some of these collections seem more like generic classical collections marketed as if actually was some special effort to design it for babies or children. Some of the collections fall short of being able to believe this about them.

Other Music

This includes