Robert J. McDonald
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I develop software using object-oriented languages for Unix-like and Microsoft operating systems on desktop, embedded, and mobile platforms.

I create complete software products (design, code, documentation, test suites, build system, user experience studies) from as little as a few sentences of requirements.

I create resources that help every software development team member manage the inevitable growth of product complexity, thereby reducing project risk and increasing team responsiveness.

My science and technology education helps me understand and contribute to software in many domains.

I've always worked at start-up companies.

Product List

I have participated in developing and shipping one or more versions of the following software products (roles in parentheses)

Recent Experience

Senior Software Engineer, 2007 - present
BitTorrent, Inc. - San Francisco, California
Provides products and services based on the popular BitTorrent file sharing protocol.

1) Embedded BitTorrent client for NASes and Internet media appliances. Sole engineer on project starting in 2008.

Product profitable based on royalties minus expenses of me and a part-time business manager.

Created developer wiki for product, trained manager and 4 engineers joining the department.

2) uTorrent Server for Linux

3) BitTorrent/uTorrent for Android

4) Android/native embedded BitTorrent client for Internet media player with 10-foot remote control TV UI integrating Internet Archive contents via torrents

5) BitTorrent Sync - file replication/transfer application

6) BitTorrent/uTorrent Client for Windows

7) uTorrent Server for Linux

8) uTorrent Web

Web-based BitTorrent protocol client targeted to less-technical media consumers.

Technologies learned here:

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