This is the home page for my work as a student enrolled in Napa Valley College's Broadcast Television Engineering Technology (BTV) program. I've been enrolled since the Fall, 2005 semester. I expect to complete the program at the end of the Spring, 2007 semester.


I moved photos off of this page onto this page in order to keep this more-frequently-accessed page smaller.

BTV Program Makes the News

Today (October 19, 2006), two reporters from the CBS affiliate station in Sacramento visited the BTV program and made a news video on the program. They graciously also spent time with the students talking about their experiences in broadcast television reporting.

BTV Software Project

I'm putting files associated with the work I'm doing with software development in the BTV program here.

BTV Class Notes

I'm putting notes I take in BTV classes here.

RTS TW Intercom System Project

I'm putting the work done toward RTS Intercom Project here.

Monitor Maintenance Project

I'm putting the work done toward the monitor maintenance project here.

Team Homework

I'm putting the work done toward team homework here.

Outreach Video

I've moved all information on the BTV outreach video. Here's the new location for the BTV outreach video.

Video Server Operation

Information on operating the video server appears on another page.

Procedure for Studio Shutdown and Closing

Here is the list of tasks necessary to perform in order to shutdown and close the studio.

Sony Linear Editing Station

The BTV studio has a linear video editing station based on the following components:

Here's links to the documentation on system components and interconnections, in various formats.

Sony Linear Edit Station - HTML (exported from Open Office 2.0)

Sony Linear Edit Station - Microsoft Word format

Sony Linear Edit Station - Open Office 2.0 Open Document format

Sony Linear Edit Station - PDF

BTV Tour Itinerary

The tour is on Thursday, January 12, 2006. It consists of the following visits:

  1. KQED - 10:00 AM
  2. SBC Park - 12:30 PM
  3. Bay Area Video Coalition - 2:00 PM

KQED is located at 2601 Mariposa Street (at Bryant). Bay Area Video Coalition is located at 2727 Mariposa Street, 2nd Floor. SBC Park is located at 24 Willie Mays Plaza. The above addresses are links to contact/direction pages on the web sites of the respective organizations.

You really should contact me to let me know that you are actually attending, so that we can coordinate carpooling and information sharing.

BTV UNIX class

I'm building a description and outline of the UNIX class, which I'm calling UNIX for Broadcast Engineers.

Here's links to the studio design proposal. The only (!) thing I forgot to include was room for distribution (transmitters and antennas for broadcast, servers for Internet distribution).

Studio design project - Microsoft Word format

Studio design project - PDF

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